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The first video on youtube was taken at what public facility?
Steve Jobs company after getting fired from apple.
What is the capital of Bulgaria?
What element is number 86 on the peridoic table?
The first thing from earth to die in space?
This country has a 25 percent senior citizen rate.
The war of Nothern aggresion is also known as the_____.
Time magizines 1939 man of the year.
The team that won the first super bowl after the AFL-NFL merger
The Americans took 4 territories from Spain during the Spanish-American War name one of the two that no longer belong to the USA.
How much of the air is Nitrogen?
Country who donated the most to America after Hurricane Katrina.
First film to make a Billion dollars
Only central American country not to have Spanish as its main spoken language. (official)
Most selling game console of all-time.
Jack Daniels died after kicking his safe because not remembering his combonation. What disease took his life?
Man to score the most fantasy points ever in one game. (includes pre-fantasy era)
Most viewed song on Youtube.
First school to win the NCAA tournament.
Smallest country in the world.

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