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Who created the religion of scientology?
Who was the first man in space?
The invention of the mouse was done by this computer company.
Apple made a home console, what was its name?
The only president not to be married.
What is the capital of Latvia?
What is the only country in Africa to use the customary system?
What does the D stand for in CAD?
first number to be divisible by 1,2,3,4,5,6.
The man who assassinated archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Santa's reindeer that comes third alphbetically.
The first country to start building the panama cannel?
The amount of Olympic games held in Africa.
President who died from eating diseased-riden apples?
You are at 0 N 0 W where are you
Set of laws written by Americans and went into law in the early 1780's
The number of sections the human heart is broken into.
The man Pochohantas married.
Who was the president of Germany before Hitler?
The worlds best selling book.

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