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The Christmas tree stems from this countries culture.
What year was the Magna Carta passed into law
Where all comets come from.
The only team to turn two triple plays in one baseball game.
Who was first King of the current Dynasty that sits on the English throne
What is the capital of Serbia?
What is the maximum amount of information your brain can hold.
What are the three colors you are literally looking at in a computer
About how many direct descendants does Genghis Khan have
What is the 92 element on the periodic table?
The first language the Bible was written in
Impaled over 100,000 of his own people while leading his country
Macy's first displayed Santa Claus in their Christmas window in what year.
Longest Bridge in the world is located in what country?
Between Rutherford B. Hayes and William Howard Taft where were the only two places were presidents were born? (states)
The tallest building in the world is called the____
This forest nicknamed the sucicide forest is located on the bottom of what mountain?
The first religious text ever written.
What is 100 in Roman numerals
Number of countries Yugoslavia and USSR broke into after dis solutions combined

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