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Who was the First Canadian Prime Minister?
Hatfield's vs. _____
The first American city to hold the Modern Olympic Games.
Conquered the English in 1066.
The first capital of the United States if America.
What is the Capital of Mongolia?
What is the fartherest part of our solar system from the sun?
First written language the Samaritans used in writing on clay tablets.
What is the only atom with no neutrons on the periodic table?
Number of countries the USSR broke into.
What is the closest country to the United States that is not a land border? (terrirtories excluded)
What does BMW stand for?
How many bones are in the standard adult body?
Langauge all of European langguages can be traced back too.
Where was the first smoke detector built? (state)
Percentage of Harvard applicants that get into the school.
Who was the last Czar of Russia?
French leader to commission the Louisiana Purchase
World record holder for the fastest 100 meter time.
Ottoman the leader who brought down Constantinople.

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