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How Long did Queen Elizabeth I rule England?( in years)
How many countries are there in Europe?
When was the Battle of New Orleans?
Which character from Friends got his own spin-off series?
Acording to Vh1 what was the number one song of the 2000's?
George H. W. and George W. Bush are both members of this Yale fraternity?
German physchologist who says children ages 10-14 are in the phalic stage
The first prime number that is positive.
American President with shortest term.
Language Beowolf is written in. Germanic style language.
What country did Pochontas die in?
Country that if sea levels continue to Rise will most likely no longer exsist in 150 years.
Only Country whose flag is not a Rectangle
The third ghost in A Christmas Carol.
What was the first established college in America?
What is the oldest age anyone has lived to be?
What is the name of a seven sided shape?
First army Geroge Washington served in as a man.
What year did Constantinople fall?
Country the statue of liberty was originally made for in the 1870's.

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