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Can you name the Ice-cream flavors from the oddly phrased description?

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Described FlavorActual Flavor
Georgia's Fruit
Milk's sweet treat (sometimes crunchy) counterpart & Eric Clapton's 1960s British band
Besides rain, Seattle's most famous for...
Mojitos' garnish + cacao + bits
Caribou hoof prints
Of or pertaining to Naples
Popular type of jam + NY or Philly ____
Pebbly Street
Margarine + nut from Texas' state tree
Described FlavorActual Flavor
Classic 1950s American dessert
Jelly's sandwich counterpart
known as Fairy Floss in Australia
Hot drink made of espresso, hot milk and foam + bits
Not once but twice + most popular ice-cream flavor
ROYGBIV + concoction often confused with sorbet
Cinderella's Carriage
Sticky treat invented by Walter Diemer
Alternative Rock Band from Sacramento + semi-liquid mixture often containing flour, milk and eggs

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