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Can you name the characters in Harry Potter being talked about?

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quoteCharacterHarry Potter book
Hagrid-'I'll be takin' ________'s bike back.'Sorcerer's Stone
Ron-*tearing a letter apart*'He is--the world's----biggest---git'Order of the Phoenix
Draco-'I've heard he's sort of savage-lives in a hut on the school grounds and every now and then gets drunk.'Sorcerer's Stone
Dumbledore-'We are here to persuade an old colleague of mine to come out of retirement.'Half-blood Prince
Fred-'What's wrong with him? Is his mind affected?'Deathly Hallows
Harry-'He didn't even look at the book we wanted.' Ron-'That's because hes a brainless git.'Chamber of Secrets
Hermione-'He looks really grumpy.' Ron-'Really grumpy? Who cares what he looks like?'Goblet of Fire
quoteCharacterHarry Potter book
Mrs Weasley- 'You be careful, Arthur. That family's trouble.'Chamber of Secrets
Ron-'Look at him! He's skin and bone!'Prisoner of Azkaban
Hermione-'Harry, I'm not sure about this.' Harry-'Look at the size of her; I think we could overpower her if we had to.'Deathly Hallows
Fred-'We tried to comfort her. Told her Percy's nothing more than a humongous pile of rat droppings' Order of the Phoenix
Harry-'When he heard what I was doing he said he'd like to come and pay his last respects to Aragog.'Half-blood Prince
Oliver wood-'Seemed to think I cared more about winning the Cup than I do about you staying alive.'Prisoner of Azkaban
Viktor-'Hermy-own'Goblet of Fire

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