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Can you name the Hunger Games objects going by the alphabet?

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Last name of District 12 mentor and the winner of the 50th annual Hunger Games?(A)
Name of the person in charge of breaking into the television signal in the Capitol?(B)
What was the 75th annual Hunger Games arena modeled after?(C)
Last name of Haymitch's short lived ally in the 50th annual Hunger Games?(D)
Name of the District 12 escort?(E)
President Snow sold this victor's body in the Capitol.(F)
Position held by Seneca Cranne before his demise? Head ____?(G)
Last name of Plutarch?(H)
What does every tribute go through with Caesar Flickerman before a Games?(I)
What animal tortured Katniss and Finnick by using the screams of their loved ones?(J)
What are tributes forced to do in the arena?(K)
Primrose's goats name?(L)
Johanna's surname?(M)
Word you must whisper thrice in order to detonate the Holo?(N)
Member of Katniss's prep team?(O)
Name of Gale's little sister?(P)
Name of the Hunger Games every 25 years?(Q)
First name of the new peacekeeper at District 12?(R)
What is the signal District 12 does to Katniss after she volunteers for her sister?(S)
What dead animal hung over Gale while he was being whipped?(T)
Madge's surname?(U)
Member of Katniss's prep team?(V)
What was necessity was among the list that Haymitch told Katniss to obtain? (W)
What does Peeta trace on Cato's hand to signal to Katniss to shoot?(X)
Mag's last word spoken in Catching Fire?(Y)
How many victor(s) were crowned in the 75th annual Hunger Games?(Z)

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