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Who became the first cyclist to win the Tour De France and Olympic Gold in the same year?
In Roman Numerals what is LXIV?
Who released the song 'In the mood' in 1939
What is the name of the bone in the forearm?
'La belle vie' is a French term meaning what?
Author Roberto Bolano is from which South American country?
The ancient city of Petra is found in which country?
Which planet has a moon named 'Io'.
In Formula 1, name the first triple world champions.
In 1968, who released the song 'What a Wonderful World.'
'Pax' is a Latin word meaning what?
Name the first woman to be elected as the head of the IMF.
Name the author of 'The Greatest Show on Earth' and 'The Selfish Gene.'
Where in the body would you find the Semicircular canal?
What is the name of the shifting plate boundary in California, USA?
'Mela' is which fruit in Italian?
Name the main island of Japan where the majority of the population live.
Name the greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation?
Name the first female president of Brazil?
In English football, which team won the Premier League in 2012?

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