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Can you name the Shugo Chara Dream Transformations

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Mystery Egg Victim NameAnswerEpisode # and Name
ManamiEpisode 54 Eh? A New Friend!
Hitomi NinagawaEpisode 55 Put the Heart of the Song on Wings!
Mamoru MizunoEpisode 56 To the Sky! The Feeling to Take Off!
Yugaku IwagakiEpisode 57 Real Pretty Close Call!
Koyomi HiranoEpisode 60 When You Confess, It's Your Lucky Day!
Santa ClausEpisode 63 Lulu's Flawless Christmas!
You EbiharaEpisode 64 The New Year! First Laughter in Character Transformation!?
Kiko EbiharaEpisode 64 The New Year! First Laughter in Character Transformation!?
Chiyoko NakayamaEpisode 66 Uproar! A Cat-Eared Girl!?
Nayuta KusanagiEpisode 67 A UFO Girl Appears!
Saaya YamabukiEpisode 68 Goodbye, Saaya Yamabuki...
Fuyuki KirishimaEpisode 69 First Love? Love Attack!
Mystery Egg Victim NameAnswerEpisode # and Name
Yukina KogureEpisode 70 I Hate Chocolate!?
Young GirlEpisode 72 How Seismic! Grandma Appears!!
Mimori MorinoEpisode 73 On the Secret List! The Recipe of Reconciliation?
Haruki MaruyamaEpisode 75 Coming Out!? Utau Came To My House
NamiEpisode 78 Amu-chan's Long Day!?
NemiEpisode 78 Amu-chan's Long Day!?
Natsuko NishinoEpisode 82 Fierce Fighting! I Become an Ace!
Young Girl 2Episode 83 Music Exposition of Passing Each Other?
WakanaEpisode 84 Mr.Nikaidou is a Teacher After All!
Yua Sakurai Episode 86 A Singing Voice! The Me of that Day!!
Lulu De MorcerfEpisode 89 Heart, I Understand.

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