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Can you name the Mermaid Melody Characters?

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If one name doesn't work just try another way to spell their names.type ok
PinkPrincess of North Pacific Ocean
Blue/ AquamarinePrincess of South Atlantic Ocean
GreenPrincess of North Atlantic Ocean
Deep Blue/IndigoPrincess of Arctic Ocean
PurplePrincess of Antarctic Ocean
YellowPrincess of South Pacific Ocean
OrangePrincess of Indian Ocean
OrangeFuture Princess of Indian Ocean
SurferPrince of Panthalassa
Pink's 'Sister'
Fortune Teller
HintAnswerExtra info
Surfer's BrotherVillain
Controls WaterPart of Dark Lovers
Controls Ice Part of Dark Lovers
Multiple PersonalityPart of Dark Lovers
Youngest of fourPart of Dark Lovers
Black Beauty Sister (older)
Black Beauty Sister (younger)
Mermaid Melody Pure Villain
Butterfly servant
Bat servant
Fairy servant
Bird Body, Guy head

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