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ClueHistory Term
hardened remains of a past life
The theory of __________ contains the idea of survival of the fittest or natural selection
Hannibal was the Carthagian ruler during which war?
accomplishments of this civilization: geometry, calendar, irrigation systems, record keeping, and medicine
made a code that followed the pronciple, 'an eye for an eye'
Democracy began in this Greek city-state
Philosophy started in India
Chinese philosophy and government system used by Shihuangdi
supreme Egyptian god
Philosophy that stressed forces of yin and yang
Philosphy that stressed the Five Constant Relationships
Below Pharaohs on the Egyptian social structure were
Indian priests were called
One of Athens greatest rulers
True or False: Greece is a very smooth and dry area.
Greek philosopher who taught Plato and created a method of questioning in his name
Spartan government was an
True or False: Greek sculptures were perfect, while Roman scultpures included imperfections
War between Athens and Sparta
True or False: Women had little to no rights in Ancient Greece and Rome
ClueHistory Term
Upper class of Roman Republic
According to ______________ law, all men are equal.
Period of Roman peace
The Edict of _____________made Christianity legal in the Roman empire during the rule of Theodosius.
Other name of Constantinople
One of the reasons Rome fell was due to ______________ invasions
Anestetics, eye surgery, and Arabic numerals were accomplishments of which Empire?
Self-sufficient social system of the Middle Ages that included fiefs, vassals, and knights
Revived trade in the Middle Ages
Period of revival in Europe that started in Italy
True or False: The Upper Egyptian Kingdom was south of the Lower Egyptian Kingdom
True or False: India and China were not isolated, and therefore were affected greatly by surrounding civiliations
Stabilizing government, maintaining peace, and developing trade and industry are accomplishments of the Roman emperor _______________.
The Habeas Corpus act, signed by ____________, limited the king's power.
The Glorious/Bloodless Revolution in England made _______________ supreme over the king.
A radical political party in France that was dominated by the poor
French word for a swift overthrow of the government
The Seizure of ____________ completely ended feudalism in France
French leader who had conquests that changed Europe
French document that was modeled after the United State's Bill of Rights

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