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It's just junk isn't it!? My desire to works disappears looking at something like this!
You know my sword, don't you? If so, then it's probably in a memory of defeat you cannot wipe away: you know that your sword can't reach me.
My pipe isn't a cheap piece of crap. It was made by the brand name 'bitch'. You can't buy one here. If you lost it, you'd better buy me a better one... on the surface.
If I were to survive, but couldn't protect what was important to me, then I might as well be dead
It's true that perhaps we had the same starting point, but even then our goals were different; each wanted to do his own thing, we set our sights on different goals, and that was h
The only people who say that money doesn't matter in this world are the ones with lots of it.
Oh ****, my bread!
I forgot to fasten my seat belt. I forgot to fasten my seat belt.
Hey, you're dripping egg from your crotch. Are you ovulating?
I'll only acknowledge one person as general; get away from there! That place beside him is mine!
Some things can only be seen through a tainted eye.
There's nothing to gain. I know that. But if I don't do anything now, I won't be able to live with myself.
Am I supposed to act like a pimple!?
I think I just saw something I wasn't supposed to. I just saw mascots in a bloody battle for supremacy.
Once you decide to protect something, you protect it until the very end! That's what a samurai is!
A-ha-ha-ha-ha! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Need there be a reason for kids to protect something their parents once cherished?
I would love him, butt afro and all.
Sorry to make you wait 260 episodes.
I don't seek pleasure from work. I just do my work, is all.
Ya gotta eat when ya can, right?
I don't know those numbers, a man only needs one number to live.
How could you abandon me? That's so mean!
You have to brush your teeth with your own hands.
Once a flower's withered, it can never bloom again.
Despite how I look, my ass hair is running rampant.
When I think of your sister, it gets me up.
I don't care about that gap you created on your own. I'll just jump across it as many times as it takes, and punch some sense into you.
I was different! I was frigthtened by the mayonnaise!
I haven't even made it fifty meters and I've already experienced fifty years worth of bad luck.
I can't... pull it out.
All right, come at me, you cuddly balls of flesh!
Good evening, I'm Santa Claus!
ZURA JANAI, KATSURA DA (It was needed, I'm sorry)
I can no longer judge who is friend and who is foe. No place is safe in this world...
The nightmare began when I decided I wanted to see those paws up close.
It's your fault for throwing that booger at the truck!
I've been wearing the same underwear nonstop for years. But now, they've worn out, leaving only the string.
I've taken the title of Nabe Shogun.
There’s no such thing as parents who don’t think about their children. But there are few children who understand their parents feelings.
If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn't exist, you'll never make any progress. The wall will never change, so you're the one who has to change.
Damnit, it's so spicy that my tears are flowing out. It's spicy...
Man, fountains pen are a pain to use, drawing backgrounds is a also a pain... Drawing manga really is a pain. In short living is a pain... I want to become a cheeseburger.
So, you're an old man who rides a sleigh at midnight and does something to children, right?
If you want to train that badly,you can go live in some other anime.
I'll hold your legs, so can you grab the owner's wang?
What are you, some tantrum-throwing brat who forgot to buy his Jump? Having no money is like having a sinus infection. You just have to ignore it and not pick at it, and it'll go a
In the world of animation, when you push a button, things work out somehow.
If crying solved everything, we wouldn't need police, idiot!
Land this ship. Give me back my dick.
D-Don't worry. A-All we have to do is find a t-t-time machine.
A farewell is like the other side of a coin. It will only happen when there is an encounter. Rather than dreading the day we have to part, shouldn't we be happy that we had the cha
I want chocolate! No need for love! Just give me sugar!
That's not what a civilized, panties-wearing person would say.
Besides, Gintama has no major plot or goal for the main characters, so it's hard to summarize what's going on.
Speaking of opening, when will you open your legs to me?
Yeah, but, you know it's just....a pain.....and explaining it is just...a pain.
Even with a bed at his disposal, MADAO still didn't grow any. His stare was fixed down at the floor, and his eyes were vacant and lacking any life. It was as if he couldn't look up
I give it lots of sake but it all comes out of its eyes.
Life is just an important choice after another, keep going forward and watch how far those foolish choices can take you.

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