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QUIZ: Can you name the Princess Diaries 2 Quotes?

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Beginning of QuoteComplete the QuoteNumber of Words/Which Character Complete
Lilly: What if we all talked like that? Lilly Moscovitz, best friend of Princess Mia...4/Lilly
Joe: Love does things for reasons that...3/Joe
Queen Clarisse: Nepotism belongs in the arts...3/Clarisse
Mia: Just because I didn't get my fairytale ending...4/Mia
Joe: If he's not eligible, why is he included in these pictures?7/Charlotte
Queen Clarisse: Did you hear that?7/Charlotte
Mia: I look like a moose.12/Paolo
Viscount Mabrey: Sir, you will find that the word 'fear' is not in my vocabulary!6/Joe
Lilly: They're smitten, while playing badminton...3/Lilly
Mia: Is that mine? Queen Clarisse: Well, why don't you go find out?6/Mia
Queen Clarisse: We are learning the art of the fan.1/Mia
Beginning of QuoteComplete the QuoteNumber of Words/Which Character Complete
Queen Clarisse: Dear Joseph, am I too late to ask you to accept my hand in marriage?5/Joe
Nicholas: I am in love with the Queen-to-be, and I am inquiring if she loves me, too.8/Mia
Brigitta: Princess Mia, a strange woman came in here and asked to hide in your closet so I let her. 8/Mia
Queen Clarisse: The queen is never late...5/Queen Clarisse
Lilly: Does this popcorn taste like pears?2/Mia
Nicholas: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, with hair so fine. Come out your window, climb down the vine. 19/Mia
Mia: I thought you said you never slide...14/Queen Clarisse
Lionel: Eagle is leaving! Eagle is leaving!6/Queen Clarisse
(Many people) King Rupert...7
Mia: Do you want to know what else you were doing while you were...5/Mia
Lilly: My hello is insignificant...5/Lilly

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