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How many times must a swallow beat it's wings per second?
What line would swallows use?
Held under where?
How many have the Robinsons lost?
'I didn't know we had a king. I thought we were __ ________ __________'
What is no basis for a system of government?
'She turned me into __ ______'
'If she weighs the same as a _____...
...then she's made of _____.'
'And therefore...__ _____'
The aptly named
'Feche la _____'
Who is supposed to jump out of the rabbit?
Who is supposed to jump out of the rabbit?
Who is supposed to jump out of the rabbit?
'Bravely bold Sir Robin, rode forth from ______...'
'...He was not afraid to die, o _____ ___ ____...'
'...He was not at all afraid to be ____ __ ____ ___'
The Three-headed knight will kill Robin and then have tea and biscuits, but no ____
Who greets Sir Galahad at Castle Anthrax by
Her identical twin sister?
Names of the two doctors
Who saved Galahad from almost certain temptaion?
Which scene is the old man from?
'One day son, all this will be yours'
Which castle burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp?
Alice's actual name?
Lancelot's page's name?
Who meets up with Arthur and Bedivere at the Knights who say Ni?
'There are some who call me ____'
'Anything you can do to help us would be very ______'
Who is initially sent to chop the rabbit's head off?
'The Holy Hand Grenade of ______'
Is carried by whom?
'The animator suffered a _____ _____ _____'
Lancelot's favorite color?
Robin's third question:'What is the capital of _____'?
Who plays King Arthur?
Who plays Lancelot?
Who plays Robin?
Who plays Galahad?
First name of the directors?

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