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SPOILERS: Can you answer these questions about Marvel's Avengers Endgame?

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Whose family is dusted in the opening scene?
Who arrives to help the Avengers?
Who do the Avengers go to visit at the beginning?
Which director is at Captain America's support group?
Who kills Thanos the first time?
In which future year is most of Endgame set?
Who arrives to Avengers HQ with a potential solution?
How much does Tony's daugher love him?
What is Tony Stark's daughter called?
What is Ant-Man's plan called?
Who do the Avengers next visit for help?
Where do Rocket and Hulk go to retrieve Thor?
Which video game are Korg and Meek seen playing?
Where does Natasha have to travel to in order to retrieve Clint?
Which year do Banner, Lang, Stark and Rogers travel back to?
Who does Hulk visit whilst in 2012?
Which stone is Hulk in charge of getting?
Which stone does Steve successfully acquire?
Who does Steve have to fight in order to keep his stone?
Who escapes with the Space Stone?
Which year do Stark and Rogers have to travel to in order to get an earlier version of the Space Stone?
Where do they travel to?
What is Steve in charge of getting?
Who does Tony meet when getting the stone?
Who does Steve see when he has to hide?
Which year do Rocket and Thor travel to Asgard in?
From whom do they have to get the Reality Stone from?
Who does Thor get caught by?
What does Thor retrieve before returning to his present?
Who travels with Nebula to Morag?
Which stone are they in charge of getting?
Which other MCU hero is on Morag wanting the same stone?
Who incidentally reveals the Avengers' plan to Thanos?
Who sacrifices themselves to allow the other to get the Soul Stone?
Who has to use Stark's new Infinity Gauntlet to bring everyone back?
*Which version of which character brings Thanos and his ship through the 'time machine'?
Who does Tony strongly hug when they return?
Who takes the stone-filled Infinity Gauntlet from Hawkeye to carry to Scott's van?
What do Valkyrie and the Asgardians arrive on?
Which group of characters from GOTG, not including the Guardians themselves, helps in the battle?
Which character kills Corvus Glaive?
Which character kills Cull Obsidian?
Which much-hated character is said to have made a cameo in the battle scene?
How does Thanos die the second time?
Who dies as a result of Thanos being eradicated?
The stranger at the funeral comes from which film?
What food does Pepper's daughter ask for at the funeral?
Which character comforts Clint about Natasha's death at the funeral?
What does Cap have to do with each of the stones?
When Cap returns as an old man, after having lived a normal life, who does he give his title and shield to?
Who does Thor name as the new leader of New Asgard?
With whom does Thor leave Earth?

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