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Can you name the percy jackson and the lightning theif characters?

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German fuher and leader of the nazis
daughter of Athena, Percys GF
Greek godess of love
greek god of healing the sun and poetry
woman that was turned into a spider by Athena
greek god of war
cheif of security at camp half blood
greek godess of the hunt and single women
greek godess of wisdom
Medusas undercover alias
news reporter
singer that ferryman charon prefers
son of Dionysus that died
three headed dog of Hades
ferryman of the underworld
echidnas pet chihuahua
centaur teacher of percy
witch that turns percy to a guinea pig
daughter of Ares
procrustes' alias
greek god of love
groovy kid percy meets at the lotus hotel
greek godess of the harvest
greek god of wine
tree nymphs
mother of all monsters
super of Percys apartment
the god of darkness
the women who cut the string of death
grovers petrified uncle
annabeths father
mrs dodds is one
Percys mean stepfather
the first president of the US
pink poodle grover finds
monster that took Tokyo
Medusas sister
Percys satyr friend
greek god of the underworld
monsters that eat curfew breakers at camp
mrs oleary is one
greek god of the forge
greek godess of marriage
son of zeus, killed Hydra
greek god of thieves
zoe nightshades sisters
greek godess of the hearth
one of the singers that grover plays on his reed pipes
namesake of escape artist harry ______
monster that hercules slays
greek godess of the rainbow
son of the king of Iolcos
news reporter #2
romeos lover
Roman king of the gods
King of Crete
titan lord of time
traitor son of hermes
mother of hermes
half bull half man
aunty ems real name
composer wolfgang amadeus ________
percys english teacher
percys fury pre algebra teacher
percys coverup pre algebra teacher
water nymphs
yancy bully
leader during the french revolution
lion hercules kills
greek godess of revenge
spirit of the sea
maidens of camp half blood
rachel elizabeth dare is now it
inventor of the lyre
father sky
god of the wild
mother of the minotaur
main character
underworld queen
main characters namesake
what mr d calls percy
the first oracles alias
almost kills percy
dionysus' other son
another name for pollux
often confused with answer above
greek god of the sea
crustys real name
was pecked at by vultures
freiherr von manfred richthofen AKA ___
mother of zeus
juliets lover
percys mom
bigfoot AKA _________
playwright william _______
gabes therapist
zeus' daughter
killed the minotaur
the 3rd president of USA
roman godess of love
the west wind
the king of the greek gods

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