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Altitude FoundCloud TypeDescription
20,000-40,000 ft (33,380-66,760 m)high, wispy clouds made of particles of ice
20,000-40,000 ft (33,380-66,760 m)milky, thin, high clouds
20,000-40,000 ft (33,380-66,760 m)thin, high lines of clouds with rippled edges
6,000-20,000 ft (10,014-33,380 m)grayish sheets of clouds
6,000-20,000 ft (10,014-33,380 m)fleecy bands of clouds in blue sky
6,000 ft or less (10,014 m or less)low, dark, heavy clouds
6,000 ft or less (10,014 m or less)low, gray, sheet-like clouds producing rain
6,000 ft or less (10,014 m or less)white, heaped-up clouds seen in fair weather
6,000 ft or less (10,014 m or less)towering clouds; may give heavy showers

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