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literature in which the text reaches out to stimulate a response from the reader
main character of literature who earns the reader's sympathy
leaves room for multiple interpretations
voice of the person telling the story in a piece of literature
a concept that intends to confuse meanings in literature
a criticism that approaches the formal aspects of literature
The main character or force that opposes the protagonist
a characteristic of a certain genre
events described that happened before the start of the literature
approach to literature that focuses on its historical context
universal symbols to evoke reader response
the struggle in the plot
a sudden realization made by a character
narrator is restricted to a single perspective
word used to refer to the collective masterpieces of literature
the point of view of only one character
turning point of a story with powerful effect on the protagonist
a stereotypical character
an unexpected change in the character's fortune
words spoken between characters
hints that refer to future events
a character that does not change; the reader does not track their development
type of narrator that reveals the events in a different way than the author would interpret them
this occurs when the reader is anxious to see what happens in the story
a more realistic character that shows inconsistancies
young innocent narrator
a character who's views clash with another character
a character who can be easily characterized or figured out
the state of knowing all events in a story (narrator)
informal diction of a certain group of people
Literary criticism involving social interaction
an all knowing narrator who can see all of the events in the story
the most interesting character that experiences change or development
Narrator intrudes to comment on the plot or characters

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