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Definition of WordLiterary term
verse (in poetry) that does not follow traditional pattern or structure.
literary technique in which words are used that suggest a completely opposite idea to the idea at hand.
emphasis by enunciation of a word or syllable
A word or word grouping whose letters can be rearanged to form other words or phrases
the central topic of an essay or piece of literature.
A poem, which is usually witty, in which the 1st, 2nd, and 5th lines rhyme, while the more concise 3rd and 4th lines rhyme.
The usage of speech and words as chosen by the author of a piece of literature.
strays from traditional styles of poetry writing and structure.
a concise poem, based upon two rhymes, that consists normally of 5 tercets and a conclusive quatrain.
Poem formed by the creative melding of media samples such as newspapers or magazines.
A self contradictory statement
Consecutive similarities of vowel sounds
A stanza made up of 3 lines
Word used to describe a line, stanza, or even an entire poem
Informal conversation in literature
something which represents something else
A word used to refer to something that makes sound..(woof! argh!!)
Reveals the characteristics of the author through the way the lauguage usage in the writing.
something concrete that represents something spiritual or even philosophical.
The gramatical form of a sentence.
a flimsy statement that does not begin to describe the true magnitude of the statement topic
Definition of WordLiterary term
Poem that incorporates the use of graphics
A 14 line poem, with one central idea.
A poem that has the versatility of being sung
a group of four lines in a poem
set of 3 rhyming lines
a word in a song
poem containing 6 line stanzas and a concluding envoy. The same six words are repeated in each stanza.
emphasis of a syllable within a word.
The person telling the story. (main character in first person)
first person, third person, etc.
A representation of something
an idea or visual representation of something
A category (mystery, comedy, etc)
comparison of 2 unlike things for effect
An overused idea or phrase
elaborate entheusiastic poem (meant to be sung)
play on words implying two meanings for humourous effect
pair of rhyming lines in a poem
An imaginative comparison used to represent something else
Similar sounding words at the ends of lines in a poem
a casual reference
Definition of WordLiterary term
The act of bringing to life normal objects or concepts in a poem, as if they were alive.
extension of the obvious definition of a word
an arrangement of usually at least 4 lines with a certain structure
last 6 lines of an Italian sonnet
horrible or harsh sound
an exaggerated statement
group of 8 lines in a poem (usually starts an Italian sonnet)
a dramatic pause in a poem
regular controlled arangement of words (also the basic unit of measurement in the metric system)
Consecutive similar consonant sounds
at least two sylables, one of which is stressed
poetry that attempts instruction
type of poetry with a set structure
comic verse
a saying that means something other than its literal meanig
mournful poem
pleasing, flowing sound
continuation of thought from line to line, and perhaps stanza to stanza without a break.
Concise, witty poem

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