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Can you name these infamous movie villains based on the actors who portrayed them and the year in which the movie was released?

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2008Heath Ledger
1982Ricardo Montalbán
2007Javier Bardem
1999Hugo Weaving
1985Thomas F. Wilson
1968Douglas Rain
2000Ben Kingsley
1996Robert Carlyle
1987Michael Douglas
1991Anthony Hopkins
1993Ralph Fiennes
1977David Prowse & James Earl Jones
1978Nick Castle
1984F. Murray Abraham
1968Henry Fonda
1964Gert Fröbe
1976Laurence Olivier
1931Bela Lugosi
2002Daniel Day-Lewis
1939Margaret Hamilton
2004Ralph Fiennes
1995Kevin Spacey
1949Orson Welles
1990Joe Pesci
1994Gary Oldman
2000Christian Bale
2000Joaquin Phoenix
1995Kevin Spacey
2009Christoph Waltz
1983Al Pacino
1960Anthony Perkins
1990Kathy Bates
1980Jack Nicholson
1974John Huston
1991Robert Patrick
1987R. Lee Ermey
1986Dennis Hopper
2006Sergi Lopez
1984Arnold Schwarzenegger
2000Alan Ford
1975Louise Fletcher
2007Daniel Day-Lewis
1931Peter Lorre
2001Denzel Washington
1988Alan Rickman
1984Robert Englund
1986Rutger Hauer
1971Malcolm McDowell
1980Terence Stamp
1955Robert Mitchum

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