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Can you name the best horror movies of all time?

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1987Doug Bradley
1980Adrienne Barbeau
1985Lori Cardille
1982Kurt Russell
1980Adrienne King
1984Heather Langenkamp
1977Michael Berryman
1992Virginia Madsen
1982Stephen King
1973Ellen Burstyn
1979Sigourney Weaver
1996George Clooney
1992Tim Balme
1931Boris Karloff
1975Roy Scheider
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2002Kevin McKidd
2012Kristen Connolly
1976Sissy Spacek
1974Marilyn Burns
1978Donald Pleasence
1981Bruce Campbell
1968Duane Jones
2014Essie Davis
1996Neve Campbell
1985Jeffrey Combs
1980Jack Nicholson
1978David Emge
1931Bela Lugosi
1976Gregory Peck
1986Jeff Goldblum

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