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Can you name the Yankee players to have a .300+ AVG, 30+ HR And/Or 30+ SB in a season since 1920?

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Year & PositionPlayerAVG, HR, And/Or SB Total
2012 2B.313 AVG/33 HR
2009 SS.334 AVG/30 SB
2008 3B.302 AVG/35 HR
2007 3B.314 AVG/54 HR
2006 SS.343 AVG/34 SB
2005 3B.321 AVG/48 HR
2003 DH.314 AVG/41 HR
2002 2B.300 AVG/39 HR/41 SB
2000 OF.307 AVG/30 HR
1991 2B.304 AVG/31 SB
1989 2B.315 AVG/43 SB
1988 OF.305 AVG/93 SB
1987 1B.327 AVG/30 HR
1986 1B.352 AVG/31 HR
1985 1B.324 AVG/35 HR
1985 OF.314 AVG/80 SB
1976 OF.312 AVG/43 SB
1964 OF.303 AVG/35 HR
1962 OF.321 AVG/30 HR
1961 OF.317 AVG/54 HR
1958 OF.304 AVG/42 HR
1957 OF.365 AVG/34 HR
1956 OF.353 AVG/52 HR
1955 OF.306 AVG/37 HR
1950 OF.301 AVG/32 HR
1948 OF.320 AVG/39 HR
1945 2B.309 AVG/33 SB
1944 2B.319 AVG/55 SB
1941 OF.357 AVG/30 HR
Year & PositionPlayerAVG, HR, And/Or SB Total
1940 OF.352 AVG/31 HR
1939 OF.381 AVG/30 HR
1938 OF.324 AVG/32 HR
1937 1B.351 AVG/37 HR
1937 OF.346 AVG/46 HR
1936 1B.354 AVG/49 HR
1935 1B.329 AVG/30 HR
1934 1B.363 AVG/49 HR
1933 1B.334 AVG/32 HR
1933 OF.301 AVG/34 HR
1932 1B.349 AVG/34 HR
1932 OF.341 AVG/41 HR
1931 OF.373 AVG/46 HR
1931 1B.341 AVG/46 HR
1931 OF.315 AVG/61 SB
1930 1B.379 AVG/41 HR
1930 OF.359 AVG/49 HR
1929 OF.345 AVG/46 HR
1929 1B.300 AVG/35 HR
1928 OF.323 AVG/54 HR
1927 1B.373 AVG/47 HR
1927 OF.356 AVG/60 HR
1926 OF.372 AVG/47 HR
1924 OF.378 AVG/46 HR
1923 OF.393 AVG/41 HR
1922 OF.315 AVG/35 HR
1921 OF.378 AVG/59 HR
1920 OF.376 AVG/54 HR

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