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Can you name the players to account for the top 10 HR totals at each position? *(P are excluded).

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Year, Team(s), PositionPlayerHR Total
1970 Reds C45 HR
2003 Braves C43 HR
1953 Dodgers C41 HR
1996 Mets C41 HR
1972 Reds C40 HR
1999 Mets C40 HR
1997 Dodgers C40 HR
2000 Mets C38 HR
1985 White Sox C37 HR
1930 Cubs C37 HR
1998 Cardinals 1B70 HR
1999 Cardinals 1B65 HR
2006 Phillies 1B58 HR
1938 Tigers 1B58 HR
1932 Athletics 1B58 HR
1997 Cardinals 1B58 HR
2013 Orioles 1B53 HR
2002 Indians 1B52 HR
1995 Athletics 1B52 HR
1991 Tigers 1B51 HR
1947 Giants 1B51 HR
1973 Braves 2B43 HR
1922 Cardinals 2B42 HR
1990 Cubs 2B40 HR
2002 Yankees 2B39 HR
Year, Team(s), PositionPlayerHR Total
1929 Cubs 2B39 HR
1923 Cardinals 2B39 HR
2003 Yankees 2B38 HR
1999 Diamondbacks 2B38 HR
2002 Giants 2B37 HR
2001 Mariners 2B37 HR
2007 Yankees 3B54 HR
1969 Twins 3B49 HR
2005 Yankees 3B48 HR
2004 Dodgers 3B48 HR
1980 Phillies 3B48 HR
2000 Angels 3B47 HR
1989 Giants 3B47 HR
1953 Braves 3B47 HR
1998 Rockies 3B46 HR
1959 Braves 3B46 HR
1999 Braves 3B45 HR
2002 Rangers SS57 HR
2001 Rangers SS52 HR
2003 Rangers SS47 HR
1958 Cubs SS47 HR
1959 Cubs SS45 HR
1955 Cubs SS44 HR
1957 Cubs SS43 HR
1999 Mariners SS42 HR
Year, Team(s), PositionPlayerHR Total
1998 Mariners SS42 HR
2000 Mariners SS41 HR
1960 Cubs SS41 HR
2001 Giants OF73 HR
1998 Cubs OF66 HR
2001 Cubs OF64 HR
1999 Cubs OF63 HR
1961 Yankees OF61 HR
1927 Yankees OF60 HR
1921 Yankees OF59 HR
2001 Diamondbacks OF57 HR
1998 Mariners OF56 HR
1997 Mariners OF56 HR
1930 Cubs OF56 HR
2006 Red Sox DH54 HR
2005 Red Sox DH47 HR
1998 Blue Jays DH46 HR
2006 Indians DH42 HR
2006 White Sox DH42 HR
2003 Yankees DH43 HR
2002 Yankees DH43 HR
2004 Red Sox DH41 HR
2000 Indians & Yankees DH41 HR
2006 Athletics DH39 HR

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