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Can you name the 3+ teammates to each have won a Gold Glove (GG) and/or Silver Slugger (SS) Award for a given team in a season?

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Year, Team, PositionPlayerGG/SS Total
2015 AL Royals 1B3rd GG
2015 AL Royals C3rd GG
2015 AL Royals SS1st GG
2014 AL Orioles OF4th GG
2014 AL Orioles SS3rd GG
2014 AL Orioles OF2nd GG
2014 AL Royals OF4th GG
2014 AL Royals 1B2nd GG
2014 AL Royals C2nd GG
2013 AL Orioles OF3th GG
2013 AL Orioles 3B1st GG
2013 AL Orioles OF1st GG
2013 AL Royals OF3rd GG
2013 AL Royals 1B1st GG
2013 AL Royals C1st GG
2012 AL Orioles OF2nd GG
2012 AL Orioles C2nd GG
2012 AL Orioles SS1st GG
2011 AL Red Sox 1B3rd GG
2011 AL Red Sox 2B2nd GG
2011 AL Red Sox OF1st GG
2010 AL Yankees SS5th GG
2010 AL Yankees 1B4th GG
2010 AL Yankees 2B1st GG
2002 AL Mariners 1B2nd GG
2002 AL Mariners OF2nd GG
2002 AL Mariners 2B1st GG
2000 AL Indians 2B9th GG
2000 AL Indians SS8th GG
2000 AL Indians 1B1st GG
1985 AL Yankees P4th GG
1985 AL Yankees OF4th GG
1985 AL Yankees 1B1st GG
1984 AL Tigers SS4th GG
1984 AL Tigers C2nd GG
1984 AL Tigers 2B2nd GG
1983 AL Tigers SS3rd GG
1983 AL Tigers C1st GG
1983 AL Tigers 2B1st GG
1979 AL Red Sox OF3rd GG
1979 AL Red Sox OF2nd GG
1979 AL Red Sox SS1st GG
1975 AL Orioles 3B16th GG
1975 AL Orioles OF7th GG
1975 AL Orioles SS5th GG
1975 AL Orioles 2B3rd GG
1974 AL Orioles 3B15th GG
1974 AL Orioles OF6th GG
1974 AL Orioles SS4th GG
1974 AL Orioles 2B2nd GG
1973 AL Orioles 3B14th GG
1973 AL Orioles OF5th GG
1973 AL Orioles SS3rd GG
1973 AL Orioles 2B1st GG
1971 AL Orioles 3B12th GG
1971 AL Orioles OF4th GG
1971 AL Orioles 2B3rd GG
1971 AL Orioles 3B2nd GG
1970 AL Orioles 3B11th GG
1970 AL Orioles OF3rd GG
1970 AL Orioles 2B2nd GG
1969 AL Orioles 3B10th GG
1969 AL Orioles OF2nd GG
1969 AL Orioles SS1st GG
1969 AL Orioles 2B1st GG
1968 AL Red Sox OF4th GG
1968 AL Red Sox 1B2nd GG
1968 AL Red Sox OF1st GG
1965 AL Yankees 2B5th GG
1965 AL Yankees 1B1st GG
1965 AL Yankees OF1st GG
1963 AL Twins 1B6th GG
1963 AL Twins P2nd GG
1963 AL Twins SS1st GG
1962 AL Twins 1B5th GG
1962 AL Twins C3rd GG
Year, Team, PositionPlayerGG/SS Total
1962 AL Twins P1st GG
1960 AL White Sox SS3rd GG
1960 AL White Sox 2B3rd GG
1960 AL White Sox OF1st GG
1959 AL White Sox C3rd GG
1959 AL White Sox SS2nd GG
1959 AL White Sox 2B2nd GG
1957 AL White Sox 2B1st GG
1957 AL White Sox C1st GG
1957 AL White Sox OF1st GG
2011 NL Dodgers OF2nd GG
2011 NL Dodgers OF1st GG
2011 NL Dodgers P1st GG
2010 NL Reds 3B8th GG
2010 NL Reds 2B2nd GG
2010 NL Reds P1st GG
2004 NL Cardinals 3B6th GG
2004 NL Cardinals OF5th GG
2004 NL Cardinals C3rd GG
2003 NL Cardinals 3B5th GG
2003 NL Cardinals OF4th GG
2003 NL Cardinals C2nd GG
2003 NL Cardinals SS2nd GG
2002 NL Cardinals OF3rd GG
2002 NL Cardinals C1st GG
2002 NL Cardinals SS1st GG
1994 NL Giants OF5th GG
1994 NL Giants OF1st GG
1994 NL Giants 3B3rd GG
1993 NL Giants OF4th GG
1993 NL Giants 2B1st GG
1993 NL Giants 3B1st GG
1992 NL Pirates OF3rd GG
1992 NL Pirates 2B1st GG
1992 NL Pirates OF5th GG
1984 NL Cardinals P1st GG
1984 NL Cardinals SS5th GG
1982 NL Phillies OF8th GG
1982 NL Phillies 3B7th GG
1982 NL Phillies 2B3rd GG
1981 NL Phillies P1st GG
1981 NL Phillies OF7th GG
1981 NL Phillies 3B6th GG
1981 NL Phillies 2B2nd GG
1979 NL Phillies C2nd GG
1979 NL Phillies OF6th GG
1979 NL Phillies 3B4th GG
1979 NL Phillies 2B1st GG
1978 NL Phillies C1st GG
1978 NL Phillies SS1st GG
1978 NL Phillies OF5th GG
1978 NL Phillies 3B3rd GG
1977 NL Phillies P2nd GG
1977 NL Phillies OF3rd GG
1977 NL Phillies 3B2nd GG
1977 NL Reds C10th GG
1977 NL Reds SS4th GG
1977 NL Reds 2B5th GG
1976 NL Phillies P1st GG
1976 NL Phillies OF2nd GG
1976 NL Phillies 3B1st GG
1976 NL Reds C9th GG
1976 NL Reds SS3rd GG
1976 NL Reds OF3rd GG
1976 NL Reds 2B4th GG
1975 NL Reds C8th GG
1975 NL Reds OF2nd GG
1975 NL Reds 2B3rd GG
1974 NL Reds C7th GG
1974 NL Reds SS1st GG
1974 NL Reds OF1st GG
1974 NL Reds 2B2nd GG
1973 NL Astros OF2nd GG
1973 NL Astros SS1st GG
1973 NL Astros 3B4th GG
1970 NL Reds C3rd GG
Year, Team, PositionPlayerGG/SS Total
1970 NL Reds 2B1st GG
1970 NL Reds OF2nd GG
1966 NL Pirates SS1st GG
1966 NL Pirates OF6th GG
1966 NL Pirates 2B4th GG
1965 NL Cardinals OF3rd GG
1965 NL Cardinals P1st GG
1965 NL Cardinals 1B6th GG
1963 NL Cardinals 3B5th GG
1963 NL Cardinals OF1st GG
1963 NL Cardinals 1B4th GG
1961 NL Pirates OF1st GG
1961 NL Pirates 2B3rd GG
1961 NL Pirates P1st GG
1958 NL Reds P1st GG
1958 NL Reds SS1st GG
1958 NL Reds OF1st GG
2007 AL Yankees SS2nd SS
2007 AL Yankees C5th SS
2007 AL Yankees 3B9th SS
2002 AL Yankees 1B2nd SS
2002 AL Yankees C3rd SS
2002 AL Yankees 2B1st SS
2002 AL Yankees OF1st SS
2001 AL Mariners 2B1st SS
2001 AL Mariners DH4th SS
2001 AL Mariners OF1st SS
1992 AL Blue Jays 2B1st SS
1992 AL Blue Jays OF2nd SS
1992 AL Blue Jays OF6th SS
1990 AL Tigers 1B1st SS
1990 AL Tigers C1st SS
1990 AL Tigers SS3rd SS
1987 AL Tigers C1st SS
1987 AL Tigers SS1st SS
1987 AL Tigers 2B4th SS
1985 AL Yankees DH2nd SS
1985 AL Yankees OF2nd SS
1985 AL Yankees 1B1st SS
1985 AL Yankees OF5th SS
1980 AL Brewers 1B1st SS
1980 AL Brewers OF1st SS
1980 AL Brewers SS1st SS
2015 NL Giants P2nd SS
2015 NL Giants SS1st SS
2015 NL Giants C3rd SS
2012 NL Nationals SS1st SS
2012 NL Nationals 1B1st SS
2012 NL Nationals P1st SS
2003 NL Braves P5th SS
2003 NL Braves C1st SS
2003 NL Braves OF3rd SS
2001 NL Giants SS1st SS
2001 NL Giants OF9th SS
2001 NL Giants 2B2nd SS
1996 NL Rockies OF1st SS
1996 NL Rockies 1B2nd SS
1996 NL Rockies OF1st SS
1994 NL Giants OF5th SS
1994 NL Giants 1B1st SS
1994 NL Giants 3B3rd SS
1989 NL Giants 1B1st SS
1989 NL Giants OF1st SS
1989 NL Giants P1st SS
1987 NL Cardinals 1B2nd SS
1987 NL Cardinals P1st SS
1987 NL Cardinals SS1st SS
1981 NL Phillies 1B1st SS
1981 NL Phillies 3B2nd SS
1981 NL Phillies 2B2nd SS
1980 NL Cardinals P1st SS
1980 NL Cardinals1st SS
1980 NL Cardinals 1B1st SS
1980 NL Cardinals C1st SS
1980 NL Cardinals SS1st SS

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