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DescriptionCharacterFirst Episode
She is a fun professional dancer who used to suffer dyslexia.Start it Up
A smart intelligent professional dancer who has her school's only attendance record.Start it Up
A young boy who loves video games, and loves bacon.Start it Up
A talented dancer who is described as hip and a ladies' man.Start it Up
He is known to sell various objects that he sticks on the inside of his leather jacket.Start it Up
He is a professional dancer from the old country who moved there before Season 3.Start it Up
She is a professional dancer who moved to Chicago from the old country.Start it Up
He is the former host of Shake it Up who accidentally set the stage on fire before going to Japan.Start it Up
She is a police officer who is said to be a bad dancer and a bad cook.Start it Up
He was friends with Rocky and Cece when he gave them credit cards from their money on Shake it Up, Chicago.Meatball it Up
She is an italian girl who had a date with Ty at the Olive Pit.Meatball it Up
She was a waitress who used to work at the Olive Pit until it got shut down due to the Hard Attack special.Meatball it Up
She is a grumpy old woman who is said to highly dislike Rocky.Give it Up
He is a little boy who is very smart due to already being in college. He created a robot in Japan.Add it Up
He is a blackbelt karate teacher who teaches Henry and Flynn.Kick it Up
He is a famous singer who claimed to be a teenager when really an adult.Age it Up
She is the manager of Justin Starr and she was later revealed to be his wife.Age it Up
She was Gunthers crush when Ty made him act like a cool guy.Age it Up
He was a sophmore that CeCe had a crush on.Party it Up
DescriptionCharacterFirst Episode
He is another sophmore that Rocky has a crush on.Party it Up
She is a girl with a dramatic life who Flyyn had a crush on.Hook it Up
She was the principal at their school who is really proud of Rocky's attendance record.Wild it Up
He is a bad boy who gets a lot of detention and has gotten suspended at their school.Wild it Up
She is a gold digger who used to be dating Deuce for his money from the Cash Tornato.Match it Up
She is Deuce's current girlfriend who has the same personality as her but she is more strict. Match it Up
She is Rocky's enemy who has a lot of school spirit and won't let anyone win but her.Show it Up
She is the mother of Rocky and Ty who is just like them in many ways.Heat it Up
She is a young baseball player who's mom made her try out for the Little Cutie Queen Pageant.Glitz it Up
She is a diva who once beat up Henry and demanded a recount when she lot the beauty pageant.Glitz it Up
He is a rich man who was Dina's father. He owns Lakefield Mall and loves his pet guinie pig.Glitz it Up
She is a dancer from the first generation of the Shake it Up, Chicago series that gets over dramatic and has a daughter with the same name as her best friend.Reunion it Up
She is best friends with Ronnie and has a son with the same name as his middle.Reunion it Up
He is a nerd who asks Rocky to play lazer tag with him and his friends at the school later.Sweat it Up
He is a tough gym teacher who always answers his own questions for people.Sweat it Up
She is a woman who let Flyyn dogsit her dog named Bitsy.Sweat it Up
She is Gunther and Tinka's mom who used to be a royal queen.Vatalihootsit it Up
He is a former rockstar who is the father to Tinka and Gunther.Vatalihootsit it Up
She is the mother to Dina. She is a near selfish mom who just wants to do the best she can.Twist it Up

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