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QuestionAnswerEpisode proof
What is the Seddie color?iOMG/iDate Sam & Freddie/iKiss
Who made Sam & Freddie break up?iLove You
Where was Sam & Freddie's first date?iDate Sam And Freddie
Where did Sam & Freddie break up?iLove You
What is Sam's nickname?iWant Locker 239
What is the Seddie Number?iKiss/iGo To Japan/iWant Locker 239
What is Freddie's nickname?iLove You
What is The Seddie Song?iKiss/iOMG (Promo)
How long was Sam at the mental hospital?iLost My Mind
What was Seddie named during season 1?(Entire Season 1)
QuestionAnswerEpisode proof
When Carly & Freddie dance?iSpeed Date
What is Seddie Fan Fic. reffered to?(No Episode)
What season do Sam & Freddie date in?iDate Sam & Freddie/iCan't Take It/iLove You
What is the name?iStart A Fanwar
How awesome is Seddie?(No Episode)
On iCarly what is Freddie?(All Episodes)
On iCarly what is Sam?(All Episodes)
When Freddie sees Sam's Kiss For Charity what happens? (Really hard)iKissed Him First
Who stops Creddie?iSaved Your Life

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