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Can you name the films that actors from The Office (US) have starred in?

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Co-StarFilm TitleYear
Rainn Wilson / Sigourney Weaver1999
Rainn Wilson / Billy Crudup2000
Rainn Wilson / John Cusack2001
Steve Carell / Jennifer Aniston2003
John Krasinski / Laura Linney2004
Steve Carell / Christina Applegate2004
John Krasinski / Jake Gyllenhaal2005
Rainn Wilson / Steve Zahn2005
Steve Carell / Shirley MacLaine2005
Steve Carell / Jane Lynch2005
Jenna Fischer / Elizabeth Banks2006
John Krasinski / Eddie Murphy2006
John Krasinski / Kate Winslet2006
Steve Carell / Alan Arkin2006
Steve Carell / Avril Lavigne2006
B.J. Novak / Jonah Hill2007
Jenna Fischer / Kristen Wiig2007
Jenna Fischer / Will Forte2007
Jenna Fischer / Amy Poehler2007
John Krasinski / Robin Williams2007
Rainn Wilson / Jason Bateman2007
Rainn Wilson / Joely Richardson2007
Co-StarFilm TitleYear
Steve Carell / Emily Blunt2007
Rainn Wilson / Emma Stone2008
Craig Robinson / Elizabeth Banks2008
Ed Helms / Will Ferrell2008
Brian Baumgartner / Reese Witherspoon2008
Craig Robinson / Gary Cole2008
Steve Carell / Bill Murray2008
Steve Carell / Carol Burnett2008
B.J. Novak / Diane Kruger2009
John Krasinski / Rita Wilson2009
Mindy Kaling / Amy Adams2009
John Krasinski / Maggie Gyllenhaal2009
Creed Bratton / Lindsay Lohan2009
Paul Lieberstein / Jeremy Piven2009
Craig Robinson / Alexis Bledel2009
Oscar Nunez / Craig T. Nelson2009
Ed Helms / Isla Fisher2009
Ed Helms / Rachael Harris2009
Rainn Wilson / Hugh Laurie2009
Steve Carell / Mark Wahlberg2010
Angela Kinsey / Brendan Fraser2010
Mindy Kaling / Jack McBrayer2010

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