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He bit his brother's finger ... again
From lindy hop to hip hop
He felt funny after a dentist visit
Hit single by Tay Zonday, who knows how to breathe
He reluctantly went to Candy Mountain
She dreamed a dream
She believes that some people out there in our nation don't have maps
Harder, better, faster, stronger fingers
What Kelly wants
Fast-talking six-year-old
He's never gonna give you up
Wide-eyed rodent with five seconds of fame
He 's warning you to hide your kids
Zombie kid's response to reporter
Disney song performed by Nick Pitera
May the force be with him
She took a tumble
Geek gets his groove on
That is the question
Inspired by kittens
Hilarious tears from 'Intervention'
He'll do it live
Banana man's favorite time of day
Sports announcer's lackluster slogan

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