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A genie's home 
Contained the evils of the world 
A hero's only weakness 
Forbidden fruit stuck in his throat 
History and Geography
The Battle of the Little Bighorn 
Frontier of the Romans in Britain 
Revolt after the French and Indian War 
Ode to Joy 
Film and Literature
An employer's life-saving document 
Secret maze in post-Civil War Spain 
'Some Pig' was written here 
Satan's spawn, in a 1967 novel 
Trio of crime-fighting femmes 
An old slave's home 
Ancient animal allegories 
Laws and Principles
'Do not introduce unnecessary elements into a story.' 
'Transistor density on integrated circuits doubles every two years.' 
'The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.' 
'Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.' 
Science and Philosophy
Metaphorical place with many shadows 
Classic textbook of the human body 
Animal in a thought experiment 
Animal in a conditioning test 
Murder weapon in a Beatles song 
What lurks in the water in Mexico 
Plant also known as wild carrot 
A mystery probably involving lingerie 

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