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Can you name the movie titles formed by combining the two movies with the given stars?

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Movie 1 stars:HybridMovie 2 stars:
Heath Ledger as
The Joker
Heath Ledger as
William Thatcher
Ming-Na as
[title] (voice)
Nicole Kidman as
Paul Rudd as
Peter Klaven
Dustin Hoffman as
Raymond Babbitt
Henry Fonda as
Juror #8
Clive Owen as
Theo Faron
Robert Hays as
Ted Striker
Steve Martin as
Neal Page
Casey Affleck as
Patrick Kenzie
Thomas Mitchell as
Gerald O'Hara
Tom Hulce as
Larry Kroger
Tobey Maguire as
Homer Wells
Heath Ledger as
Ennis Del Mar
Michael J. Fox as
Marty McFly
Jim Carrey as
Joel Barish
Russell Crowe as
John Nash
Uma Thurman as
The Bride
Adam Sandler as
Movie 1 stars:HybridMovie 2 stars:
Cameron Diaz as
Natalie Cook
Danny Glover as
George Knox
Dennis Quaid as
Jack Hall
Pierce Brosnan as
James Bond
Emilio Estevez as
Andrew Clark
Edward Norton as
The Narrator
Hugh Grant as
Owen Wilson as
John Beckwith
Emile Hirsch as
Matthew Kidman
Winona Ryder as
Susanna Kaysen
Marlon Brando as
Don Vito Corleone
Steve Martin as
George Banks
Sam Worthington as
Jake Sully
Tony Goldwin as
[title] (voice)
Tom Cruise as
Lt. Daniel Kaffee
Robert DeNiro as
James Conway
Lindsay Lohan as
Cady Heron
Brittany Murphy as
Molly Gunn
Mathieu Amalric as
Ashton Kutcher as

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