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Can you name the people by every fifth word in their Wikipedia articles?

Updated Apr 25, 2012

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Word saladPerson
was humorist his Finn Novel Tom in later Huckleberry he
was Bible and authorship traditionally Rabbenu the Judaism an and
is comedian he of show American [name] Massachusetts Irish
was harpsichordist sacred choir drew the it although new prevailing
was leader of I politics century Corsica minor trained in
was Japan order 1926 1989 of name is by Shōwa
is philanthropist Microsoft founded is world's the to he his
reigned the Sovereign 16 death his pontificate served the Pope
was the noted range leadership and robust leader and Progressive
is Secretary the Obama States from the President Bill First
was student of writings physics logic biology Plato one founding
was Nazareth identified as Christ canonical Luke virgin conceived the
was theorist led China 1949 1976 Marxism-Leninism brand now [name]
was known gin the Industrial economy [name] cotton which of
is anthropologist Peace world's [name] her and chimpanzees Park founder
Word saladPerson
was ideological the pioneered as mass firmly total India movement
was Albanian who Charity 1950 she sick guiding expansion then
was statesman role of the BC political Pompey Roman their
is former in in Mask and other Charlie's of Princess series nominations
served Africa and African in election was the Sizwe the
was political United 1775 leader in led Great over Constitution
was cosmologist science in sciences published papers was of in
was religion regarded messenger the series by prophet Al-Ahzab Muslims
is head independent the Kingdom Jamaica Papua Islands Vincent Antigua
was playwright greatest language dramatist England's Bard works of sonnets
was pioneer the the awarded aviatrix the many books and
is of saint in Divine French victories War for VII
was and devices around phonograph and light of newspaper of
was singer-songwriter fame founding one successful in music Paul of
was explorer Genoa voyages led of the four several settlement

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