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Word saladCountry
is Northern portion as and Svalbard area and 4.9 of
is the with on Oceans Namibia the Swaziland independent South
is Eurasia name use era internationally the to Persia are
is Africa country Algeria to Mediterranean and almost estimated 10.3
is Asia country second-most 1.2 most world by the on
is western France a a area kilometres a ruled it
is occupies of in which Dominican indigenous for of highest
is Africa Ocean at bordered northeast Sudan to to is
is of is Iraq northeast United east and it bridge
is southern subcontinent South 1972 [country] Indian Mannar lies India
is Southern of island smaller and include Papua north and
is Baltic it north south east and Belarus to the
is Central isthmus America Costa Colombia Caribbean and the [country]
is off continental island including part Ireland Northern part a
is in 1.3 East single-party Communist the 22 four Tianjin
Word saladCountry
is independent Turkey Kazakhstan landlocked bordered north Tajikistan People's the
is Africa country Arab in it to Sea and Kenya
is island the the third occupied Haiti two shared by
is Europe the and Ukraine the Sea Russian the is
is South in to People's to west India 147,181 population
is in a and Aires country land among Colombia populous
is Asia 17,508 of it most the Muslims with president
is Eurasia semi-presidential subjects [country] Finland Poland Belarus the Mongolia
is the two Island and notably the Māori [country] as
is whose enclave Rome Italy of a 800 in Treaty
is the Malay of Asia Malaysia Johor from the [country]
is Europe the Sea Baltic by Republic Austria the Belgium
is in bordered the south Pacific by Caribbean east [country]
is America coastal mountains the west the northeast and the
is North Peninsula in thus a the Islamic of [country]

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