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Desmond Jones, Jr.
joins our happy family and our home sweet home. Parents Desmond and Molly are overjoyed.
Proud mother welcoming a new son to her growing family. Born on Monday. 
Her parents (and grandparents!) are delighted to announce the birth of this beautiful baby girl, joining older brothers Charles and David.
Our Joan
So young to have her life taken from her. Was attacked in her home and died of blunt force trauma. She was a 'pataphysical science major at the university.
A hard worker; a lonely soul.
She had a very small funeral behind the church where she worked and died.
Father McKenzie gave a fitting eulogy.
Our son.
Died in his car at a stoplight. To us, you made the grade. Rest in peace.
Crew Needed
We sail to the sea of green next month to begin our life of ease. Contact Mr. Barkley at 193-5569.
Wanted: Driver
Seeking fame? Why not do something in between? I can show you a better time.
Ask for Ringo.
Need backing vocals and horns for our club band.
Call B. Shears at 737-7377.
Home from Miami Beach, searching for love. Come and keep your comrade warm.
Phone disconnected - contact
I need somebody.
Not just anybody. Middle-aged male seeks someone to help get his feet back on the ground. 175-3273
Not a loner anymore.
Looking for someone I can belong to. Back in Tucson after a few years in California.
Call Jojo at 438-2225.
Lost and Found
1 King James Bible, inscriptian reeds 'Gideon.'
Find me at local saloon
My girl. Didn't take her out. She changed her mind.
You know who you are - please give her back.
For sale: poppies.
Find me behind the shelter
in the middle of the roundabout. Ask for the pretty nurse.
i got joo-joo eyeball toe-jam football & walrus gumboot. call flat-top. 
on Trampoline.
Starring Hendersons,
Henry the Horse,
and of course our star.
Main event

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