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The spreading of the Gospel through public preaching.
Evidence of being filled with this is worship, submission, and not denying sinful nature.
What verse teaches that the whole church preaches the whole Gospel to the whole world?
Opposite of confessing and agreeing with God
Method of sharing your testimony using Scriptures with ornaments of personal experience.
Unbiblical, requires no understanding of the Gospel of grace, and results in false assurance are all reasons not to '_______'
Term for 'cheap grace'
Man's problem, God's solution, Our response: The 3...
Place of Catholic belief where unbaptized babies go
Idea that Mary was born free from Original Sin
'If you detect humility and the person is no longer justifying or defending himself, share the gospel' is step 4 in...
Biblical or related writings not forming part of the accepted canon of Scripture; 'Hidden Things'
First step to receive salvation as a Lutheran
Second step to receive salvation as a Lutheran
Third step to receive salvation as a Lutheran
The ________ redefine and reshape Christian beliefs, standards, and methods to accommodate the postmodern culture.
Creeds, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer are all part of this key part of Lutheranism
3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9 are all verse references to...
In the Wordless Book, red represents...
Name one reference of the Bridge Method of Salvation
Cite the reference of the Eternal Security verse that says 'we are saved by grace through faith'
Cite another Eternal Security verse that isn't from Romans, John, or Ephesians
This religion believes God was once a man
Mormons are members of the Church of...
What does the C stand for in the Eternal CPR
The Trinitarian God, deity and redemptive work of Christ, and high regard for Scripture are common beliefs between Evangelicals and...
A sin that does not cause damnation
Process by which the bread and wine of communion become the actual body and blood of Jesus
Method of teaching the Bible through following historical progression of the divine revelation as set forth in Scripture.
'Those who preach any other Gospel' is Paul's definition of a...

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