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spinal surgeon with daddy issues
an alcoholic whose dead body is lost on the island. Jack's dad.
conman, saw both parents die
suddenly can walk upon arrival to the island
former torturer for the Iraqi Republican Guard
works as a thug for his father-in-law
marries the son of a poor fisherman
wins the lottery before coming to the island
foresees charlie's death
last message was 'not Penny's boat'
gives birth to a boy on the island
the island baby
manipulative leader of the others
murders two survivors to save his son
the others say this kid is 'special'
a sacrifice the island demanded
ballet instructor
seemingly ageless, arrived on The Black Rock
fertility doctor
the island's protector
takes form of Jacob's brother and Locke
Jacob's body gaurd
Former LAPD officer
former Nigerian drug lord
Eko's little brother, priest
becomes romantically involved with Hugo
wife of Desmond
trying to get back to the island his whole life
a physicist hired by Widmore and studies time travel
can communicate with the dead...for the right price
archeologist hired by Charles Widmore
pilot who was supposed to fly Oceanic 815
gets stabbed in the back by John Locke while trying to call the freighter
the captain of the freighter
lead mercenary of the freighter
Keamy's right hand man
apart of Widmore's second team, first encountered by sawyer on Hydra island
works for Widmore, he 'gets people where they are supposed to be'
her cancer is treated when she is on the island
dentist and husband of Rose
former chef buried alive
former actress buried alive
Oceanic flight attendant who joins the others
blown up with dynamite
Walt's dog
came on the island with a science team but killed everyone on the team
abducted and raised by ben as a baby
Alex's boyfriend
captures claire and charlie
the other that abducts Walt from the raft
the other that infiltrated the the tail section survivors
the other with an eye patch
wife is killed by Sun and he hates Sawyer
leader at the temple
mother of Faraday. helps the oceanic 6 get back to the island
translater for the temple leader
missed his baby's birth while blowing up trees with dynamite. DHARMA leader
Horace's wife
features in all of the DHARMA orientation videos
abusive father who is a DHARMA workman. body found in a van
control freak who creates swan model at the flame in the 70s
works for sawyer in the DHARMA initiative as a security guard
Locke's father. conman. killed by Sawyer
involved in car crash, Jack preforms surgery on her then they get married
mother of Sawyer's child, helps Kate talk to her mother
Commits suicide after an encounter with Jin, teaches Sun english
killed by Ben with a sawed-off shotgun
gets killed by a hit and run while with Sayid
Sayid's brother
Hurley's doctor
Hurley's imaginary friend
Hurley's mother
Hurley's father
Hurley's co-worker
Juliet's sister
Jin and Sun's daughter
Sun's father, Jin's employer
Sun's mother
Locke's girlfriend
Locke's supervisor
Locke's mother
Charlie's brother
Charlie's father
Claire's mother
Claire's aunt
Desmond and Penny's son
Walt's mother, Michael's girlfriend
Kate's mother
Kate's stepfather
Kate's high school sweetheart
Kate's husband, also a cop
Jack's mother
Jack's son in the flash-sideways
Ana Lucia's mother
the name the Ben uses while captured in the hatch
the name Micael uses on the freighter
the name Sawyer uses in the 70s
Richard's wife
strange animal on the island

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