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song lyricssing title
'can't waste the day when the night brings a hearse'
'silent in error and vocal in spotlights'
'hope lies within the smoldering ruins of empire'
'the teacher stands in front of the class, but the lesson plan he can't recall'
'to the young r to the e to b and the e to l never give up'
'they went after King when he spoke out on Vietnam'
'coca-cola was back in the viens of saigon, and rambo too, he's got a dope pair of nikes on'
'oh I'm the marlboro man'
'shackle our minds and we're left on the cross'
'I melted microphones instead of cones of ice cream'
song lyricssing title
'terror is the product of push'
'nothin' proper about your propaganda'
'follow me into tomorrow, I'll drag you to the grave'
'the open sore upon the face of mother earth gets bigger'
that had the authority to kill a minority'
'I'm slaving, sweating, the skin right off my bones'
'now something must be done about vegance, a badge, and a gun'
'I've got a nine, a sign, a set, and now I've got a name'
'five centuries of penatentaries, so let the guilty hang'
'feelings of rebellion drawn upon the thoughts I think'

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