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Who is the 53rd President of The United States of America
If a Mom and Dad make a Child, What makes a chicken
If a 6x6 Rubiks cube has 6 sides, How many sides does a 10x10 have
Is the Hunger Games based on a true story
What goes up, but never comes down
What will you find at the end of every RAINBOW
I came in like a wrecking ....
One two, Three fours, Five sixes, Seven eights
Which weighs more 1 pound of brick or 1 pound of cherrios
When was the war of 1812
How much wood could a wood chuck, chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood
Can ghosts see their shadow
what months have 28 days
Is this the best quiz ever
Who is the first direction
What do you sleep on and walk on
What has a head and a tail but no arms, legs, or body
What happens after you put milk in your fridge for a year
What do you call a smaller version of yourself
Donde esta Shrek
What do you call a uncooked spaghetti noodle with clothes on
Tomorrow what day will it be
What do you call a place where you go to learn and educate yourself and teach your right from wrong
If lil Nas X runs out of space for horses in his house, where do the other horses go
Which one of these birds can fly Ostrich, Penguin, Turkey
What do cows drink
How Blarty is Sean

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5x5 Word Blitz

by slipkid

What are we going to do with all these five letter words? They'll all spoil eventually, right?
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