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Can you name the UK National Curriculum subjects KS1-5?

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Alliteration, Metaphor, Smilie etc.
Bronte, Thackery, Fitzgerald, Dickens etc.
Pythagoras, Percentages, Fractions
Plants, Humans, Organs, Diseases
Acid, Alkali, pH, Potassium
Speed, Velocity, Gravity, Newton
French, Spanish, Italian, German, TEFL
Judasium, Christianity, Islam
Civil War, WW2, Tudors, Victorians
World, Earthquakes, Storms
Spreadsheet, Documents, HTML
Resistant Materials, Food Technology, Textiles, Graphics
Picasso, Monet, Da Vinci
Theatre, Canon, Unison, Director, Script
Concert, Treble, Octive, Rhythm
Games, Football, Warm-Up, Hockey
Ballet, Street, Ballroom
Babies, Health Care
Economy, Manager, Staff, Money
Magazines, TV, Film, Press and Internet
Politics, Society, Culture
Child Development and Nutrition
Mind, Brain, Case Studies
Social Groups, Society
History, Geography, RE, Sociology
Graphs, Numbers
Euro, Pound, Dollar, Yen
Jury, Judge, Criminal, Court
Greek, Roman, Latin, Civilisation
Holidays, Free-time, Visits

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