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Biggest creepypasta by now
Marble Hornets' character
Two axes
A lost episode of a nickelodeon tv show
A game machine
You're guilty!
Thinks he's beautiful. Makes smiles on his victims.
Clown's just a little insane.
A famous photo of an animal.
Child candy
Looks like a Scream face
Haunted Zelda game's character
Europe's experiment
Sad red face with an orange suit
A child who got abused by her uncle.
Safe. Care. Protect.
A white and black famous mouse's death
He died.
A doll
Under the bed
Grey person with orange eyes and mouth.
Trend man
Two knives
Likes wine. Half black and half white mask
Candle Cove's
Brutal Obscene Beast
Appears in the rain
Mask with an orange suit
Happy man
[DEVIANTART] No eyes. Wants yours
A theatre's character
One brown eye. One blue eye.
A victim of the 1.
Mlp character's full name
First creepypasta that comes to your mind when you think of tentacles
[DEVIANTART] Her name was Pauline and she liked cherries
How Ever Losing People Makes mE wonder
Offend man

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