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Can you name the Ocarina of Time Crossword Puzzle?

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ClueAnswerSame Letters
4-ACROSS - The final boss who attempts to take over Hyrule, 9 letters2nd letter = 2nd letter in 3-DOWN, 4th letter = 4th letter in 1-DOWN, 6th letter = 4th letter in 2-DOWN
5-ACROSS - The hero of the game, wears a green tunic and fights with a sword, 4 letters2nd letter = 4th letter in 3-DOWN, 4th letter = 1st letter in 6-DOWN
7-ACROSS - A Gerudo who is the Sage of Spirit, you meet her in the Spirit Temple, 7 letters4th letter = 5th letter in 6-DOWN, 6th letter = 1st letter in 8-DOWN
10-ACROSS - A Goron who is the Sage of Fire, he goes to the Fire Temple to try to rescue his Goron brothers, 7 letters2nd letter = 9th letter in 6-DOWN, 4th letter = 5th letter in 8-DOWN, 7th letter = 4th letter in 9-DOWN
11-ACROSS - A Zora who is the Sage of Water, she is Link's fiance and a princess, 4 letters1st letter = 13th letter in 6-DOWN
1-DOWN - He is not exactly Link's rival, but he blocks the entrance to the Great Deku tree and he and Link sort-of kind-of compete for Saria's attention, 4 letters 4th letter = 4th letter in 4-ACROSS
2-DOWN - The princess who turns into Sheik and flees from Ganondorf, 5 letters4th letter = 6th letter in 4-ACROSS
3-DOWN - She is a Kokiri who is the Sage of Forest, and she was Link's girlfriend when he was a kid, 5 letters2nd letter = 2nd letter in 4-ACROSS, 4th letter = 2nd letter in 5-ACROSS
6-DOWN - The owl who gives you hints and tells you where to go, 14 letters5th letter = 4th letter in 7-ACROSS, 9th letter = 2nd letter in 10-ACROSS, 13th letter = 1st letter in 11-ACROSS
8-DOWN - The Sage of Light, he awakens you from your 7-year slumber, 5 letters1st letter = 6th letter in 7-ACROSS, 5th letter = 4th letter in 10-ACROSS
9 - DOWN - The Sage of Shadow, she lives in Kakariko Village, 4 letters4th letter = 7th letter in 10-ACROSS

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