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Do you know this?Answer hereHints!
How did Twilight start?in a painting? drawing? i don't know!
Bella's carit's a truck!
The Authorof course of twilight
The full name of the daughter of BellaWrong spelling wrong!
Seth's sisterfull name please!
Bella's actressum of course it's not Edward!
The last book of Twilight?guess!
Where was Bella born?it's definitely not Arizona
Riley's coven has a member named Bree ______starts with 'T'
Do you know this?Answer hereHints!
What was Edward's original eye color?it's not one of the primary colors
The boy vampire hybridHe's native
What is Edward's birthday?it's in June
How old was Bella when she was turned?a number duh
The ashy blond haired survivor of the Romanian covenWho do you think?
Jasper didn't originally start as Jasper which role did he want?he's a vamp
Alice Cullen's real full nameInitial's : M.A.B
Rosalie's second nameit starts with L
Who is Bella's step-fatherP.D

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