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Can you name the slashy male-male TV couples?

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They were all about each other from the second they met. Quite frankly, Brenda and Kelly never stood a chance.
A couple of real-life jackasses who do odd things in speedos and sleep together in the nude...I got nothin'.
They were never intimate...apart from that one time. Even the creator says, 'They're open-minded guys!'
Forget Amy and Adrian. These teen fathers are destined to put a modern spin on 'My Two Dads.'
While his sister's all gung-ho over vampires, he's busy eyeballing his former enemy...who just happens to be a werewolf.
Puppets need love, too! On a street all about being yourself, it's only a matter a time before they're out of the closet.
Say what you want about money and wills, these two lawyers were married in the series finale because true love knows no age!
They obviously wanted amnesty so that they could settle down, buy a house, maybe adopt a few wayward kids.
All of those long, boring nights sitting around Station 51, and we're supposed to believe they never got adventurous? Sure. Whatever.
They tried to hide it under insults, but we all knew they were secretly making sweet love music together after every results show.
Two rough-and-tumble 70s cops in SoCal who spent all of their time together. Zebra Three must have been their safeword.
The slash originators. They both went where no man had ever gone before...and really, really enjoyed the trip.
While fixing others' imperfections, they fought their own perfect lust. Wonder if they ever got freaky with those magic markers...
When you're fighting off demons, it's only natural to have incestuous thoughts about your brother.
Nickelodeon's step-brothers sure spent an awful lot of time hugging and kissing each other...
An adolescent Man of Steel and his greatest enemy...before they became rivals, they were totally high school sweethearts.
True love means writing out as many Vicodin perscriptions as it takes to keep your man happy.
The first time he leaped into a woman, his friend/mentor could barely keep his hormones in check.
The chav from Chino, the nerd from they have mistletoe at Chrismukkah?
These longtime professional and personal rivals from Genoa City even have their own cute pet names. 'The Mustache' is obviously a euphemism.
Can two divorced men live together without driving each other crazy? Yes, and it should be fairly obvious how.
He just rides him all day long...there is such a thing as loving your car too much, but talk about autoeroticism...

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