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Can you name the soap operas the feature these characters??

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Forced Order
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Laura Spencer, Steve Hardy, Jason Morgan
Marlena Evans, Roman Brady, Julie Williams
Joanne Garder, Eunice Tate, Liza Kaslo
Delia Reid, Maeve Ryan, Jill Coleridge
Tabitha Lenox, Eve Russell, Fox Crane
Barnabas Collins, Victoria Winters, Quentin Collins
Mike Karr, Raven Alexander, Draper Scott
Stephanie Forrester, Brooke Logan, Bill Spencer
Erica Kane, Adam Chandler, Angie Hubbard
Reva Shayne, Bertha Bauer, Alan Spaulding
Michael Rossi, Betty Anderson, Constance McKenzie
Katherine Chancellor, Jack Abbott, Drucilla Winters
Matt Powers, Althea Davis, Steve Aldrich
Victoria Lord, Dorian Cramer, Max Holden
Nancy Hughes, Holden Snyder, Susan Stewart
Allison Barrington, Caleb Morley, Jamal Woods
Clarissa McCandless, Sloane Denning, Myrna Clegg
Vanessa Dale, Meg Harper, Bruce Sterling
CC Capwell, Cruz Castillo, Minx Lockridge
Ava Rescott, Jack Alden, Alex Masters
Amy Ames, Pauline Rysdale, Belle Clements
Rachel Cory, Felecia Gallant, Steve Frame

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