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Forced Order
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And he's got my name tattooed on his arm, his lucky charm.
Hey, you see me out in the night. Wanna go out dancing so I can feel all right.
When you look at me, there is no mistaking. Like telepathy, I know what you're thinking.
If you know what it takes to be my man, we can go make love together.
When the music goes up and the sun goes down, lightning strikes, and I'm on the ground.
Hey, you might think that I'm crazy, but you know I'm just your type.
Hotter than the A list, next one on my hit list. Baby, let me blow your mind tonight.
You got something that I like, but I might regret it.
Tell me how we got in this position. Guess I gotta get you out my system.
Your body feels like a fantasy. This moment's all that I can see.
You must be B-I-G because you got me hypnotized.
Lately, people got me all tied up. There's a countdown waiting for me to erupt.

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