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A: First name of the Mad King
B: First name of the Blackfish: ' _____ Tully'
C: Founder of House Lannister: 'Lann the ______'
D: Seat of House Bolton
E: Warden of the North at the beginning of the series
F: Baratheon words 'Ours is the _____'
G: Informal name for the City Watch
H: Temporary seat of Tywin Lannister in the Riverlands
I: Magister of Pentos and supporter of House Targaryen
J: 997th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch
K: Sigil of House Greyjoy
L: Name of Sansa Stark's direwolf
M: Dragon ridden by Rhaenys Targaryen during the War of the Conquest
N: Sword given to Arya Stark by Jon Snow
O: One of the Valyrian steel longswords made from Ice
P: Free city where Daenerys and Viserys temporarily live
Q: Trading city ruled by the Thirteen
R: Samwell Tarly's father killed by Drogon
S: Capital of Dorne
T: Sigil of House Tully
U: Vassal house to the Starks
V: Free city where Talisa was born
W: First character to die on the show
X: Rich merchant born on the Summer Islands
Y: Balon Greyjoy's daughter

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