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Having a short allele of the 5-HTT gene correlated with increased vulnerability for depression between ages of 21 to 26
Collective study of cognitive therapy
How people dealt with anorexia
'Abnormal psych' drawings: Diagnoses don't always reflect genuine disorders
Schizophrenic pseudo-patients show diagnostic classification systems can be unreliable
Ugandans see depression as illness of thoughts
that individuals with anorexia have a positive bias toward local detail processing, indicative of weak central coherence.
Elevated concern over mistakes was associated with anorexia and bulimia nervosa but not with other psychiatric disorders. Doubts about actions was associated with eating and anxiet
Negative life events lead to depression
% of girls who had bulimia went from 3% in 1993 to 15%in 1995 and girls at risk for bulimia increased from 13% to 29% after fijian girls were introduced to television
StudyPsychologist and year
Depression more common in individualist than collectivist cultures
1.7 women for every 1 man had experienced at least one episode of depression in US
stage oriented combination treatment yields highest success rate in treating depression
The effects on the SSRI were only effective on patients with severe cases of depression
Significant changes in glucose metabolism of pre-frontal hippocampal pathways
Anorexia Nervosa caused abnormal brain activity, biological
CBT almost as effective alone as with drugs
Group therapy had higher success rate than individual therapies

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