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Can you name the information about Rubeus Hagrid?

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Portrayed by 
Sorted into this Hogwarts House 
Was framed by this Wizard
(and consequently expelled)
(Beginning in 1968)
(Beginning in 1993)
Member of this Organization 
Pet Dog 
Pet (Three-Headed) Dog 
Pet Hippogriff 
Acromantula Friend 
Was extremely loyal to this Wizard, and frequently stated that he was a 'great man' 
This Witch was (most likely) a Love Interest of his 
Became fast friends with this Wizard when they met again in 1991 
This Witch constantly tried to help Hagrid in anyway that she could 
This Wizard was extremely upset when he took Hagrid's advice and 'followed the spiders'  
This Wizard helped Hagrid out by taking Norbert(a) off his hands 
This undersized giant pronounced his half-brother's name as Hagger 
Always spoke very highly of
this Witch and Wizard
Put the broken pieces
of his wand into this object,
which he uses to perform magic
Gave this Muggle a pig's tail 
Attempted to use this spell (and failed) to reattach the sidecar of Sirius' motorbike 
Used this charm with Harry Potter to put out a fire started by the Death Eaters 
Resistant to these spells, shown in year five when Ministry officials attempted to take him away from Hogwarts  
Often showed superhuman strength, as seen during this battle when he jumped onto the broom of a Death Eater and plummeted many feet to the ground and survived 
Held a great love for all magical creatures, including these cross-breeds between a fire crab and a manticore 
Often carried this weapon when traversing the forbidden forrest 
Attacked this Wizard when he spat at the feet of Albus Dumbledore 
Used unicorn hair to bind bandages to magical creatures, even though each hair was worth this amount, according to Horace Slughorn 
When explaining to Harry who this wizard was, he had to say his name instead of writing it down, because he couldn't spell it 
Raised a herd of these magical creatures which pulled the Hogwarts' Carriages 

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