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Can you name the trivia from Friends epsiode, The One with the Football??

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In the beginning of the episode the guys are watching a football game, who are they watching?
Monica wants the marshmellows in concentric circles; Rachel wants to push them up Monica's nose. This happens how often?
Who suggests that the gang plays football?
Why is Chandler depressed?
Monica and Ross aren't supposed to play football because of the savage breaking of what?
This happened in Geller Bowl? (Number)
What is the Geller Cup made of?
Who's mom won't let him cross the street?
Who are the captains for the game?
How was this decided?
Who picks first and who do they pick?
Who is picked second?
Who is picked third?
Who is 'stuck' with Rachel?
What number is on the jersey Joey is wearing?
Cheater, Cheater...
The Dutch girl calls Phoebe what?
The gang switches up the teams because Ross is losing (or Monica got to pick first.) Who is on Monica's team?
Joey thinks the Netherlands is what made up land?
The dutch girl picks who?
But then changes her answer to?
Phoebe flashes who?
Holland Loves who?
The only time Rachel catches the ball it is how many feet short of the goal line?
Why can't Rachel join the NFL?
What's more important to Monica than beating Ross at football?
Whose waiting in the trash bin for the Geller Cup?

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