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Can you name the information involving Severus Snape?

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Portrayed by 
Blood Status 
Self-imposed nickname 
Love of his life 
Murdered by 
Last words 
Patronus form 
Member of this Alliance (1980-1998) 
Posed as a member of this Organization
Took credit for creating these spells 
Made this magical bond with Narcissa Malfoy 
Brewed this potion for Remus Lupin (1993-1994) 
Extremely skilled in this art of 'mind reading' 
Possessed this unique ability, one which was taught to him by his former master 
Proficient at blocking spells; blocked this unforgivable curse cast by Harry Potter 
Pledged his life to the protection of this person 
Lost his friendship with Lily by using this unforgivable word to describe her 
Loathed this Gryffindor for fancying Lily, his arrogance, popularity and ultimately, for saving his life 
Was entrusted by this man to faithfully assist him before, in death, and after 
Used this animagus as a servant rather than an assistant 
Attempted to save this member of the Order's life during the Battle Over Little Whinging 
Harry and Ginny named their second child this, in remembrance of these two headmasters 
Delivered this horcrux destroyer to Harry Potter in the Forest of Dean 
Muttered the countercurses to save Harry Potter from this wizard during a Quidditch Match 
A boggart would assume his form in front of this Hogwarts student 
Was able to shortly contain the fatal curse that this horcrux brought upon Albus Dumbledore 
Accidentily hit this member of the Order with a sectumsempra curse while aiming for the hand of another Death Eater 
The flaw in the plan was that this man turned out to be the true master of the Elder Wand, not Severus Snape 

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